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Company profile

Company profile

Zhejiang Xiaoyang Machinery CO.,LTD.has been set up on August 12,2005 and is a manufacturer who is specialized in the production of different kinds of automobiledrive shaft with area of 15000M2 including the manufacturing area of 9800 M2 and 120employees. The ability of our production is over 400 thousands pieces in 800 different kinds of the drive shafts, We have been deeply trusted by the customers because of stable quality,reasonable price and perfect service.Our company always make ourselves consummate and perfect , and improve the quality control system strictly in compliance with th...


Our service advantage

The existing staff of professional drive shafts have good qualifications, and have received professional business training at home and abroad. Join the company also continue to attract domestic and foreign professionals, introduce foreign advanced inspection technology 



Contact: Mr Ye

Phone: 15356631286

Tel: 0571-82835869

Email: xiaoyangdriveshaft@126.com

Add: Hi-Tech Industrial Park Jiefang Lake Diankou Town Zhuji City Zhejiang China 311814

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